Sunday, October 21, 2018 | 10:49:03 PM
Andes Trance
"ANDES TRANCE" is the first solo album of composer and Zampoña player Antonio Flores. In this first volume, Antonio Flores has put together a collection of haunting melodies and uplifting dance rhythms, bringing the traditional Andean sounds to a new dimension. In his musical vision, which tears down established barriers of style and genre, Antonio entices the listener with the sounds from an Australian Didjeridu, playing along with Andean percussion, punctuated by the low frequencies of a 5 gallon plastic water bottle in "Aborígenes".
In "Andean Jig" he blends the haunting sounds of the Zampoña (Andean panpipes) with a typical Irish jig, finally erupting in a sensuous and fiery violin solo by Luis Montilla.
"Rebecca", a wonderful Bolero, showcases the lyricism and romanticism of his writing and Zampoña playing, accentuated by the jazzy solos of Victor Cegarra's piano.
"Rock al Sur", is another example of his unique musical direction, in which the straight rock pattern of the drums, play along Andean Zampoñas and Quenas, as well as the Charango (10 string small instrument made with the shell of the Armadillo).
"Rumba pa' no Morir" is an exhilarating mix of Rumba rhythms with Andean instrumentation and the hot piano playing of Victor Cegarra.
"ANDES TRANCE" is a ground braking album that every listener will enjoy and will be able to "cut some rug" to!
"Las raíces de nuestros antepasados, sembradas con la sangre de nuestra cultura, por siempre florecerán en nuestros corazones y su música"
-Antonio Flores-

Antonio Flores: Toyo, Zampoña, Quena, Didjeridu, Quenacho.
Fernando Popayan: Zampoña, Quenacho, Quena, Guitar.
Sergio Villegas: Guitar, Charango.
Alejandro Blanco: Electric Guitar.
Guillermo Bordarampé: Electric Bass, drum's programming.
José Fernandez: Timbales, Congas, Bongos, latin Percussion.
Gino Gamboa: Cajón, Castañuelas.
Julio Ledezma: Bombos Legueros, drums sequence.
Victor Cegarra: Keyboards.
Luis Montilla: Violin, Cuatro Venezolano.

Album produced by Antonio Flores and Guillermo Bordarampé. Recorded and mastered by Guillermo Bordarampé at PACHAMAMA STUDIOS, Silverlake, California.

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Antonio Flores - Andes Trance - - Musician extraordinaire playing and performing authentic ancient instruments from around the world including Peru and in particular custom made Peruvian instruments that are resurrected and hand made like the originals from centuries ago providing a memorable musical experience for your private party, corporate event, wedding, club or venue primarily in Southern California and Western United States of America areas.